Storytime: Sheep 101 by Richard Morris Image
LC Kids presents

Storytime: Sheep 101 by Richard Morris

David Rubenstein Atrium

  • Ages
    • 2–5
  • Dates
    • Saturday, March 17 at 11:00 am

A slapstick, rollicking mashup of nursery rhyme characters and the time-honored bedtime ritual of counting sheep.

One night, a boy counts sheep as he tries to fall asleep. 99. 100. 101…. Crash!

Sheep 101 is stuck in the fence. Will he ever get out and get the little boy to sleep? Meet Sheep 101 and his colorful cast of characters, like Humpty Dumpty, Blind Mouse, Little Piggy, and more!

From Richard T. Morris, author of This Is a Moose, and beloved illustrator LeUyen comes a hilarious story with vibrant illustrations full of late-night hijinks that will spark every child’s imagination.

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